Study at the Department of Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts is available in the following formats: three-year single subject or double-subject bachelor’s programme; two-year single-subject post-bachelor master’s programme.

In the bachelor’s programme, students gradually become acquainted with the methodological approaches used to study the theory and history of theatre, they are taught to think about art and culture independently, with emphasis on the live art of theatre and performance. There is great focus on the history of Czech theatre in the 20th century, selected chapters on the history of world theatre, theory of theatre and drama, and students’ creative skills which enable them to formulate and reason their own observations and experiences.

The master’s programme is conceptualised in such a way as to allow the students to focus chiefly on individual work on the chosen topic of their diploma thesis and on broadening their knowledge of the theory and history of theatre and drama in specialised, selective courses. Graduates of this form of study should be able to conduct expert work on their own not only in the area of theatre historiography or theory, but also in the field of practical dramaturgy, criticism, and journalism on the topics of theatre as well as the broader cultural sphere.

Study in the bachelor’s programme and master’s programme is conducted in Czech with the exception of courses intended for incoming foreign students.